How do I navigate the site?


  • The site is broken up into 14 tabs that can be clicked along the top of the site. 
  • The first tab shows ALL projects on the map. 
  • Any project name will be found in the search. 
  • To see a table of projects, on the left pane, To view a table of all Projects CLICK HERE on this tab takes you to a complete list of all current CIP projects, whether it’s on the map or not. Under that, there are links to view projects by district. All projects will be displayed that fall within that district, regardless of category. Projects can be sorted by each column, and searched by name or funding source. Close this tab to return to the map. Click on a project number link to go to a project detail page. ***Enable pop-ups for this site if you are unable to see the detailed project page.***

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1. How do I navigate the site?
2. How do I search for a specific project or address?
3. How do I search for projects near me?
4. How do I get info about a project on the map?