How do I call for building inspections?
If you are a General Contractor, or are acting as your own contractor, you may call in your own building inspections, but you can’t call in inspections for your trades. To schedule a building inspection by phone, dial (912) 651-6530 ext. 1919 (or 1889). You must call in before 4:00 PM in order to receive an inspection on the next business day. We do not do same day building inspections. Inspections called in after 4:00 PM will be scheduled for the day after next. When you call in, please have your permit number and job address to ensure that your inspection is scheduled against the correct permit. For more information about inspection requests, such as how to make a request by email, fax, or the City’s online permit tracking system (eTRAC), visit the Inspections page here: Inspections

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1. How do I call for building inspections?
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