What items can be recycled?
Hard plastic #1-7

#1 PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate)
- Soft drink cans; mouthwash, water, and beer bottles; peanut butter containers.
- Salad and vegetable oil containers; food jars.
#2 HDPE (high density polyethylene)
- Milk jugs; juice bottles; bleach, detergent, and household cleaner bottles.
- Oil bottles; shampoo bottles; butter and yogurt tubs; toys.
#3 Vinyl or PVC
- Window cleaner and detergent bottles; cooking oil bottles; garbage cans.
#4 LDPE (low density polythylene)
- Food storage containers; squeezable bottles; dry cleaning and shopping bags.
#5 PP (polypropylene)
- Some yougurt containers; syrup bottles; ketchup bottles; caps; medicine bottles.
#6 PS (polystyrene)
- Meat trays; egg cartons; aspirin bottles; some food containers; CD cases; toys.
- Clean food trays, plastic cups, throwaway utensils, plastic (NO STYROFOAM).
#7 Miscellanious
- Plastic containers, plates, and utensils; 3 and 5 gallon water bottles.
- Aluminum, tin or steel cans; paper; newspaper; magazines; junk mail.
- Glass; dry cardboard (boxes must be broken down).

Carton Recycling
Shelf stable cartons
- Juice; milk; soy and grain milk; soup and broth; wine.
Refrigerated cartons
- Milk; juice; cream; egg substitutes; soy and grain milk.

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