Family & Community Services

The Family and Community Services Division develops and maintains a coordinated human services system built on strong community partnerships to increase and sustain our local referral systems and processes to ensure residents successfully connect to needed services.

Street-level outreach, citizen engagement, and community partnership-building activities are provided to inform and engage the citizens of Savannah.

         If you or a member of your family needs assistance, please click HERE   for a list of our     

         partner agencies.

Leadership Training


For your information, here is an all-encompassing guide on how parents and caregivers can protect their children at home when it comes to electrical, alcohol/liquor, prescription medications, stairs, pools, and much more.  Children's curiosity and daringness can lead to dangerous safety risks, including falls, burns, choking, fire, and various types of poisoning. We hope this guide can be a resource that will help children stay safe, by being prepared for these unforeseeable events. 

Child and Home Safety Guide

Neighborhood Associations

Citizens play a key role in the well-being of our communities. To ensure the desired quality of life is achieved, we have to actively participate.  Citizens can participate through voting for leaders in the neighborhood, serving as leaders in their neighborhood association, as well as participating in neighborhood improvement projects and social events.

To gain access to a neighborhood meeting, please contact the association.

Click here to find your neighborhood association.

If you are interested in forming an association in your area call 912-651-6520.


Neighborhood Leadership Institute(NLI)

The Neighborhood Leadership Institute is designed to provide neighborhood presidents and their executive boards with the tools needed to impact the community.

Neighborhood Leadership sessions are open to the public but are targeted to neighborhood leaders to re-establish and preserve vibrant, livable, sustainable neighborhoods where Savannahians live with pride.

Human Services Youth Leadership Programs

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Savannah Youth Ambassadors

Savannah Youth Ambassadors participate in leadership development sessions and hands-on activities that encourage personal, social, and civic development. Guest facilitators will present on topics such as social media, life after high school, the history of Savannah and its neighborhoods, and much more. Participants will explore various local businesses as well as civic, academic, and cultural institutions. The program culminates with participants designing, coordinating, and implementing a collaborative, make a difference community impact project. Learn more about the Savannah Youth Ambassadors.

Savannah Youth Council

It is the mission of the Savannah Youth Council (SYC) to provide local youth with the experience of working with city government while obtaining a sense of civic responsibility as well as the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Composed of a diverse group of 8th grade students, the Savannah Youth Council is a result of the Mayor and Aldermen’s vision to provide a support system which will encourage young people to expand, develop, and grow toward a successful and productive future. The Youth Council provides members with leadership opportunities and knowledge of local government. Savannah Youth Council has been in existence since 2004.  Learn more about the Savannah Youth Council