Centers Application and Permit Policy

If you have any questions, you can call the Recreation and Leisure Services office at 912.351.3841.

Center RentalResidentNon-Resident
Facility/Center Rental$75 per hr.$110 per hr.
Gym (Practice)$25 per hr.$28 per hr.
Gym (Games/Tournaments)$30 per hr.$35 per hr. 

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  1. IMG_4404

    Earl Bryant
    Program Coordinator


    WW Law center

    900 E. Bolton St.

    Savannah, GA 31402

    • Crusaders Center
    • Delaware Regional Center
    • Eastside Regional Center
    • WW Law Regional Center
    • Windsor Forest Regional Center

    Iris Edited
     Iris King
    Program Coordinator


    Daffin Park Activity Bldg.

    1301 E. Victory Dr.

    Savannah, GA 31402

    • Cloverdale Center
    • Liberty City Center
    • Tatemville Center
    • Tremont Center
    • Tompkins Regional Center


    Jerri Gilford
    Program Coordinator


    Moses Jackson Center

    1410 Richards St.

    Savannah, GA 31415

    • Carver Center
    • Grant Regional  Center
    • Moses Jackson Center
    • Woodville Center