Centers Application and Permit Policy

Please fill out and return to the coordinator of the community center you want to reserve.  Thank you. 

If you have any questions, you can call the Recreation and Leisure Services office at 912.351.3841.

Center RentalResidentNon-Resident
Facility/Center Rental$75 per hr.$110 per hr.
Gym (Practice)$25 per hr.$28 per hr.
Gym (Games/Tournaments)$30 per hr.$35 per hr. 

How can we help you?

  1. IMG_4404

    Earl Bryant
    Program Coordinator


    WW Law center

    900 E. Bolton St.

    Savannah, GA 31402

    • Carver Village Center
    • Eastside Regional Center
    • Tremont Center
    • WW Law Regional Center
    • Windsor Forest Regional Center

    Iris Edited
     Iris King
    Program Coordinator


    Daffin Park Activity Bldg.

    1301 E. Victory Dr.

    Savannah, GA 31402

    • Cloverdale Center
    • Delaware Regional Center
    • Liberty City Center
    • Tatemville Center
    • Tompkins Regional Center


    Jerri Gilford
    Program Coordinator


    Moses Jackson Center

    1410 Richards St.

    Savannah, GA 31415

    • Crusader Center
    • Grant Regional  Center
    • Moses Jackson Center
    • Woodville Center