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Liberty Street Parking Garage

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This parking garage, built in 2005, is located on Liberty Street at the intersection of Liberty & Montgomery Streets. The garage has space for 881 vehicles.  Phone number is (912) 644-5934

 Due to Covid-19 some changes have been made on how Mobility & Parking Services is accepting payments.

Daily customers will exit the parking garage using an exit verifier/kiosk which accepts MasterCard and Visa only.

Monthly Cardholders can drop their monthly payment in the drop box or mail it to Mobility & Parking Services, PO Box 2101, Savannah, Ga.  31402.  Please included your card number and the garage you park in.

Method of Payments Accepted

MasterCard and Visa only, at this time cash is not being accepted due to Covid-19.

Hours of Operation
    Garage Hours of Operation:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
    Cashier Hours
    Monday-Friday, 5am - 1pm 
    Saturday, 5am - Sunday 1am
    Sunday, 5am - Monday 1am

· Daily Rate: 
Monday-Friday, 5am - 5pm ..................$1.00/per hr or portion thereof;
    Monday-Friday (night),  5pm - 5am......$2.00 flat rate per night;
    Monday-Thursday, daily maximum rate - $14.00
    Friday, daily maximum rate - $17.00

· Weekend Rate: 
Saturday & Sunday, 5am - 5am ...........$5.00 flat rate per day

· Monthly Rates: 
    Monday-Friday 5am-9pm............................$40.00;
    Unlimited access during operating hours....$70.00
· Special Event Rates: From $5 to $20. Special event rates pre-empt all other rates