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  1. Goto for the current BLA application and process. This form for backup use only when our ETRAC system is down or when other technical issues continue with customers submitting applications through ETRAC.

    A building inspection, building permit, site plan, and/or Zoning Board of Appeals application, etc., may be required to complete the process. 

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    It is the responsibility of every business owner or operator to make certain that the type or nature of business activity being conducted at any location in the City of Savannah is permitted by and conforms to the Zoning Ordinance and Building Regulations of the City before signing a lease/contract and operating the business.

    I understand that all construction work will require a permit prior to commencing construction, which includes alterations, modifications, renovations, remodeling, signage, etc. Working without a permit will result in a minimum penalty of $500.

    I hereby certify that I have answered all of the questions contained herein and know the same to be true and correct. Further, I understand that any Development Services approval issued, based upon false information or misrepresentation provided by the applicant, will be null and void and subject to penalty as provided by law and ordinances.
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  9. If you need further assistance please Contact the Business Approval Coordinator at (912)644-7709 or
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