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Session 2 Winter 2015 Classes and Workshops Registration Form

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  4. Session 2: March 2 - 28

  5. Youth and Adult Workshops

  6. Fused Glass Checkers, Ages 12+

    $35/$30 city resident

  7. Fused Glass Wind Chime, Ages 8+ - FULL

    $15/$10 city resident

  8. Parent and Child Clay: Balloon - Belly Birdhouse - Ages 4+ - FULL

    $15/$10 city resident

  9. Stained Glass Picture Frame , Ages 17+ - FULL

    $55/$50 city resident

  10. Youth Visual Arts Classes

  11. Teen Jewelry, Ages 12+ - FULL

    $65/$60 city resident

  12. Kite Making, Ages 8+ - FULL

    $50/$45 city resident

  13. Morning Mud for Toddlers, Ages 3-5

    $60/$55 city resident

  14. Adult Visual Arts Classes

    All classes are ages 17 and up unless otherwise noted.

  15. Glass

  16. Open Studio Glass - FULL

    $100/$90 city resident

  17. Introduction to Stained Glass

    $100/$90 city resident

  18. Metalsmithing & Enameling

  19. Introduction to Metalsmithing - FULL

    $100/$90 city resident

  20. Intermediate Metalsmithing - FULL

    $100/$90 city resident

  21. Open Studio Metals

    $100/$90 city resident

  22. Beginning Metalsmithing

    $100/$90 city resident

  23. Enameling

    $100/$90 city resident

  24. Ceramics

    Since this is a four week session, we are offering your usual six slots in a new way. Classes will meet weekly for four weeks. During the four week session, you can select two visits that fit your schedule from our open studio times. There are a number of open studio days and times to choose from. As always, you can purchase extra time and clay anytime during the session.

  25. All Speeds: Beginning to Intermediate Wheel Throwing -

    $150/$140 city resident

  26. Surface Design and Decals on Clay - FULL

    $150/$140 city resident

  27. Handbuilding

    $150/$140 city resident

  28. Open Studio Ceramics, 4 WEEKS + 2 other dates

    $150/$140 city resident

  29. Terms and Conditions: PLEASE READ BEFORE HITTING SUBMIT*

    In order to complete your class registration, credit card payment over the phone is required unless other arrangements have been made with the Cultural Affairs Staff. Please allow one to two business days for our staff to call the phone number you provided to obtain your credit card information. On your first day of class, you will still be required to sign our Permission to Participate and Medical Consent before starting the class.

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