Project DeRenne Overview

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In 2008, City of Savannah initiated a project known as “Project DeRenne,” to determine the future of the DeRenne Avenue corridor while seeking to balance the often competing objectives of transportation and neighborhood connectivity.

Project DeRenne is a 5 phase process for developing long term solutions for the revitalization of the DeRenne Avenue Corridor.

Phase I consisted of detailed traffic analysis, public outreach, determination of guiding principles and development of a strong community interest in corridor revitalization.

Phase II involved the collaborative creation of evaluation of criteria and the development of transportation and land use alternatives, resulting in the selection of a preferred alternative- "The Boulevard Option." On June 3, 2010, City Council adopted a resolution supporting the preferred alternative and approval to move into Phase III of the project.

Phase III (CURRENT PHASE) involves a complex environmental review process to better understand the related impacts that the preliminary design may have on all aspects of the project.

Phase IV will include finalizing the design of the selected improvements. (ETA Spring 2022)

Phase V will include construction and implementation of the selected improvements. (ETA 2025)

Project DeRenne Updates

Please visit the Latest Updates page to read about the most recent developments with Project DeRenne.

Additional Project Information can be found HERE at GDOT's website.