Public Works & Water Resources Tours

Do you know where your drinking water comes from?
Did you know the water released from the City's wastewater plant on President Street is cleaner than the receiving body of water, the Savannah River?

Want to Know More Fascinating & Important Facts About How the City Protects & Manages Our Most Precious Natural Resource, Water?

Call us to schedule a tour today! 912-651-2221. These tours can be catered to meet learning levels for all ages. They are perfect for schools, garden clubs, neighborhood associations, and businesses.

Water Supply & Treatment Tour - Water, Water Everywhere

Water Resources Tours

The Savannah Industrial and Domestic Water Plant, built in 1947, is the only municipal surface-water treatment facility in the area. Learn how this facility works with the environment to produce some of the best drinking water in Georgia!

Water Reclamation Department Tour - Flushing Fantastic!

 The President Street facility is the City's largest wastewater treatment plant and you would not believe the items we see come through on a daily basis! Learn how this facility uses mother nature's own recipe for cleaning water. What takes her days only takes us a few hours.

Stormwater Tour - Clean Water Starts Here

A tour every Savannahian should take. Learn why Savannah floods and how Staff manages stormwater. Discover what a wonderful resource it can be and how to make it work for you!