Code Compliance Department


The Code Compliance Department enforces a wide variety of local ordinances including property maintenance, zoning, residential parking, sanitation, and short-term vacation rentals to promote a safe, clean and healthy environment. This includes open and structurally unsound vacant structures, overgrown lots, debris, derelict and abandoned vehicles, and unsafe and/or unsecured residential dwellings. 

The Department strives for voluntary compliance but utilizes the Recorder’s Court of Chatham County when voluntary compliance cannot be achieved. When required the Department utilizes contractors to secure vacant residential properties, demolish unsafe vacant structures, remove unsafe trees from vacant properties, and cut vacant lots. 

The fees associated with these contract services are billed to the property owner and, if unpaid, will result in a lien being placed upon the property. The Department educates the public on local ordinance violations through personal interaction, presentations, and public forums.

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