Transportation Services

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Department Responsibilities

Transportation Services is responsible for:

  • Overall management of the City's traffic system
    • Vehicular and pedestrian safety
    • Maintenance of traffic signals
    • Traffic signs and pavement markings
    • Street lighting system along all streets as well as those along Interstate 16, the Talmadge Bridge, major arterials, and parks / squares in the Historic District
  • Traffic Engineering capital improvements
  • Ensuring private development impacts are mitigated by developers

Services also include coordination and issuance of permits for:

  • Working in the City right-of-way
  • Driveway installation
  • Oversize moves
  • Block parties
  • Placing dumpsters or containers on the City right-of-way

Project DeRenne Update

The portion of Project DeRenne between I-516 and White Bluff Road is known as the Boulevard. This driver’s perspective video simulation allows you to see how it will look upon its completion.

Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form