Office of Sustainability

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100 percent savannah logoIn March of 2021, the City Council unanimously passed the 100% Renewable Energy resolution. Join your Council Member for a virtual meeting to learn more about Savannah's plan and how you can plug in!

Savannah's Sustainability Office

The Office of Sustainability provides services to promote a healthy environment and community lifestyle for citizens, encourage community engagement, provide operational cost savings through efficiency and compliance support, and conserve natural resources for current and future generations. With this directive, the primary objectives are to:

  • Help develop sustainability initiatives that align with the City's strategic plan
  • Develop external funding and partnerships to support City sustainability goals
  • Provide technical assistance on strategies to achieve cost savings through resource conservation and efficiency
  • Develop and implement community education, outreach, and forums for stakeholder engagement

In 2007, City Council adopted The Green Roadmap, the sustainability plan for Chatham County, which will guide the City of Savannah's sustainability goals. In 2016, we developed the Sustainability Assessment which includes a carbon inventory of incorporated City of Savannah and identifies strategies to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable Savannah. It focuses on areas including water conservation, mobility, energy efficiency, green space and solid waste reduction.

View our Draft Sustainability Assessment.