Housing and Neighborhood Services Department

January 2024

Housing Savannah Dashboard

2024 Housing Savannah Action Plan Dashborad Summary - January

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The Housing & Neighborhood Services Department of the City of Savannah works with various partners to implement and oversee Savannah’s housing initiatives that help provide and increase affordable and workforce housing opportunities, improve quality of life, and improve neighborhood conditions.   Department programs assist with the retention, repair, construction, development, and purchase of housing that is affordable to low- and modest-income persons.  Programs also assist with developing and implementing neighborhood improvement projects and plans.  These initiatives are collectively known as Housing Savannah.


  1. Assist with the implementation of the Housing Savannah Action Plan.
  2. Administer City housing repair, construction, development, and purchase programs that utilize federal, state, local, and other funding to help improve the living conditions and opportunities of low- and modest-income persons—including those experiencing homelessness, renters, homeowners, and first-time homebuyers.
  3. Develop partnerships that leverage private investment and support for affordable and workforce housing.
  4. Oversee implementation of the City’s 1K-in-10 blighted, abandoned, property acquisition and redevelopment initiative which seeks to use $10M SPLOST to bring about the acquisition and renovation/development of at least 1,000 blighted, abandoned, properties with new affordable housing over 10 years.
  5. Assist with the development and implementation of neighborhood improvement projects and plans that include both public and private properties.