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Capital Projects Liaison

Connecting our community with City capital projects 

CIP CollageThe Capital Projects Liaison works closely with a team of capital projects managers to ensure members of the public have a direct point of contact who can answer questions, help address concerns, and provide updates on the City capital projects shaping our community.

The Capital Projects Liaison is here to facilitate transparent communication and engagement between the City of Savannah and residents, business owners, and other local stakeholders, throughout the phases of City development projects. 

From project timelines and budgets to environmental considerations and community impact, the Capital Projects Liaison can provide timely and accurate information in response to your queries.

How the Capital Projects Liaison Can Help

Have a question or concern about a City capital project? 
Contact us via online form or by phone:

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  • Phone
    Office: (912) 351-3409 
    Cell: (912) 755-9998
    (Available during regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To report an off-hours concern related to a City project, such as an on-site water leak, please call 311.)