Opportunities to Participate

Opportunities to Participate

When helping make housing available, accessible, and affordable for 21,000 hardworking and deserving Savannah households, no investment is too large or too small.  Investments come in many forms ranging from financial investments to volunteering time and resources.  If you are not sure how you can invest or if you have an idea for investing, please reach out to Housing Savannah, Inc.

Investments include, but are not limited, to:

  • Making a donation to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund for a specified or general use.
  • Making a below market interest long-term loan for an important housing activity.
  • Establishing a down payment or home improvement fund to help your employees.
  • Paying for the materials used to improve or construct housing.
  • Volunteering to repair or construct housing.
  • Volunteering to help raise funding and awareness for Housing Savannah.

Have an idea about how you would like to help?  Give us a call at (912) 651-2169.  Let's talk!

chelpincimageCommunity Help, Inc. provides funds to help an elderly homeowner repair her home.
sjccontributionimageSt. Joseph's/Candler Health Systems helps their modest wage employees purchase homes by contributing to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund.
volunteergroupimageA volunteer group replaces the roof of a home using materials purchased by the City of Savannah.

For more information visit or call


(912) 651-2169