Lead Pipe Survey

When you complete this survey you will be eligible for a free rain barrel!

Water Service Line (Lateral) Material Survey

All water utilities in the United States must comply with new US EPA rules for lead and copper. One requirement is to locate any lead pipes in the water system. In order to meet this requirement the Water Resources Department must utilize various methods including asking the public to assist us collect data. The City has worked since the early 1970's to remove any lead but to verify none is remaining we must identify the material of all water laterals within our service area. 

Water Resources staff hopes our customers take this as serious as we do and would like to be certain there is no lead. Below are links  to a video and a survey. The video explains how to determine if you may have a lead lateral. The survey allows property owners to submit this important information on the pipes supplying water to their property. 

Video   How do I know if I have lead water pipes

Survey Lead Pipe Survey

Instructions and more information about identifying the material of your water pipes

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