The Plan

Like the 100% Savannah resolution, the 100% Savannah Clean Energy Plan is a product of community involvement.  


Description automatically generatedOver the course of roughly two years, City staff worked with community members to develop strategies for achieving the resolution’s goals. Some of these community members participated in a Council-appointed Advisory Group, which served as a liaison between the Council, the City staff, and the community. Others participated in one of four Working Groups, which focused on either People, Planet, Prosperity, or Energy. We also received a great deal of feedback through our resident survey and small business open house, which are part of our ongoing Focus Area outreach. 


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In the end, the plan included 45 strategies that span five key categories:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Transportation and Mobility
  4. Community and Economic Development
  5. Education and Engagement

The plan also outlined several Enabling Actions that will make it easier to implement the other strategies.