Savannah River and Keeping Forests

The City of Savannah Water Resources Department's goal is to provide clean, safe, and affordable water to its citizens. A big part in ensuring safe water for drinking, swimming, and fishing is protecting the land around the water source. Water professionals know the very best assurance of good water quality is starting with a good source of water. Starting with a high quality source of water keeps treatment costs down. Typically high quality sources of water are surrounded by forested land. Trees are the "rock stars" of the natural world. The City of Savannah is committed to working with our water utility partners and other users of the river to keep the Savannah River Watershed forested. Keeping the watershed forested ensures clean, safe, and affordable water for present and future generations.

Unfortunately, the drinking water source for over 400,000 people in Effingham, Chatham, and Bryan Counties is at risk. Warehouse construction, buffer variances, and wetland impacts have been allowed right up to the water intake on Abercorn Creek. The City of Savannah Water Resources Department and our partner utility BJWSA completed an update to a 2003 source water protection plan in 2019. A recent assessment of potential pollution sources is described in this exhibit. Large areas of the forest are being removed and threatening our drinking water source.  Assessment of Abercorn Creek and Potential Pollution Sources

Savannah River Clean Water Fund 

Keeping Forests


How Forests Work to Protect Water Quality

Forests and People working to Protect Water

Abercorn Creek November 2015