2017 Updates

June 2017 Update

Consultant started the preparation of a right-of-way and easement tracking spreadsheet to assist the City Real Property Department to develop a Right-of-Way cost estimate for the project.

Consultant followed up with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Office of Environmental Studies on the History Assessment of Effects review status on June 23, and submitted plan sheets for the project and description modifications, on June 28 for the Memorandum of Agreement between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division, and the City of Savannah.

The Environmental sub-consultant submitted a revised Notification of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and 4(f) Evaluation; to the Georgia Department of Transportation on June 19, 2017. This document was then forwarded to the Federal Highway Administration on June 23, 2017 for their review and approval.

Consultant prepared a Georgia Department of Transportation Preliminary Field Plan Review checklist with status updates for inclusion in the June 23, 2017 meeting notes.

September 2017 Update

October 2017 Update

On Wednesday October 25, 2017 the Agency Scoping meeting was held at the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) office in Atlanta.  This crucial, and required, step in the NEPA Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) process invited local, state, and federal agencies to provide input to the project.  In addition to representatives from GDOT and the Federal Highway Administration, 8 additional agencies and Native American tribes attended the meeting.  These agencies were requested to provide written comments to FWHA within 30 days of the meeting.  This input will be included in the design and NEPA analysis for the project.

Our next upcoming milestone in the EIS process is holding a Public Scoping meeting. The meeting will be held early 2018. Stay tuned. Additional details will be available soon.