LGBTQ History

Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project

About the Project

The main purpose of the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History project is to record the history of the LGBTQ+ community, in their own words and their own voices, and to preserve this history in the Municipal Archives where it will be accessible to the public. The Municipal Archives continually strives to document Savannah's diverse communities, neighborhoods, and citizens. The addition of voices from the LGBTQ+ community will help ensure that we are preserving a more inclusive, informative, and complete history of Savannah and everyone that makes up Savannah's story.

The Municipal Archives is serving as the coordinating lead on the project and as the home repository for the collection, preserving the interviews, making them publicly accessible, and ensuring that any restrictions placed on the interviews by the subjects are respected and followed. Partners and collaborators on the project include Georgia Equality, members of the First City Pride Center, and a team of volunteers. Volunteers are vital to making the project a success. Volunteers assist in identifying and reaching out to potential interviewees, scheduling and conducting oral history interviews, and connecting us with new volunteers who want to help out. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Municipal Archives at

Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project Guide

The Project Guide provides information for the interviewee (subject of the interview) and the interviewer (person conducting the interview) to assist them in the oral history collection process. The guide covers the following topics: interviewee guide; sample release form; interviewer guide; basic topic list; basic question list; volunteer scripts; interview checklist; and Zoom guide. The Project Guide is a fluid document and the Municipal Archives staff welcomes feedback from users of the Guide to improve it for future interviewees and interviewers. Feedback can be submitted to

Oral History Interview Release Form 

The release form must be completed by both the interviewee (subject of the interview) and interviewer (person conducting the interview) prior to the interview being recorded. It is available as a PDF file to be printed out and completed onsite for in-person interviews or as an online form for interviews being recorded remotely online.


If you have questions about the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project, are interested in serving as a volunteer or contributing to the project by sitting for an interview, or have a photograph or document related to Savannah's LGBTQ+ history that you would like to donate to the Municipal Archives (either original or let us reproduce by scanning), please email us at or call us at (912) 651-6412. 

Network News Digitization Project

In partnership with the First City Pride Center, the Municipal Archives is digitizing the First City Network's Network News to document the history of Savannah's LGBTQ+ community and make this resource available for research use by the public. This is an ongoing project and you can view issues as they become available online at: First City Network Network News