Special Event Calendar

eProval Statuses
Welcome to the City of Savannah's Special Event calendar!

This calendar shows special events permitted on the public right-of-way within the City. (Our offices does NOT permit events on private property or in the county). A key showing all statuses can be found below this calendar. Each circle color represents a different step in our approval process, from submission to approval. 

Please check this calendar for location availability prior to submitting an application for your event.

Special Note on Weddings, Block Parties and Plaza Rental Applications:

  • Weddings, Block Parties and Plaza Rentals are processed on a first come / first serve basis according to the date and time on which they were submitted through the eProval portal. 
  • We MAY approve weddings for the same date and location IF and WHEN the times are different AND we can approve both without causing too much of an impact to the public. 
  • We will NOT approve weddings for the same date, location and time. 
  • If you submit for an date, time and location that already has an application in process, you do so with the understanding that your application MAY NOT be approved. 
  • Application fees ($25.00) are not refundable. You may, however, adjust your date and time without charge should there be a scheduling conflict.