Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance  & Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Protect your family’s income in the event of a death due to illness or accident with life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance provided by The Standard. 

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Life Insurance Coordinated by:

The Standard Life Insurance  

Customer Service:

1 (800) 930-2441

Claims Contact: Barbara Veiock

1 (912) 525-2407

Fax for Claims Submission:

1 (912) 525-1697

Coverage Available to You and Your Family

Retiree Basic Life Insurance:

As a Retiree, you may take your basic life insurance into retirement.  As a Retiree you must pay for the basic life insurance.  The cost associated with the benefit is currently $1.54/per thousand.  At age 70, please note that Basic Life will reduce by 75% of the volume to no less than $10,000.


If you have $30,000 worth of Basic Life Insurance at 70 this will reduce to $10,000 in Basic Life Insurance.  

Retiree Supplemental Life:

If you currently have supplemental life insurance as an active Employee, you may carry up to 2x times of your supplemental life insurance into retirement. At age 70, please note that the supplemental life insurance will reduce by 75% of the volume. 


If you have $30,000 worth of Supplemental Life this will reduce to $7,500.

Life Insurance Claim 

The City of Savannah’s Benefits Team is here to help you make this process as easy as possible. When you lose a loved one that has City of Savannah life Insurance, please complete the Life Insurance Claim Packet, which will need to be completed by the beneficiary. 

Once complete please email to or fax to (912) 525-1697 along with a certified death certificate and driver’s license. If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Veiock at (912) 525-2407. 

As Part of the Group Life Insurance Plan, you also receive: 

The Life Services Toolkit 

  • Grief Support: Morneau Shepell counselors can provide immediate support by phone or refer you to a counselor in your area. Beneficiaries are eligible for up to six face-to-face sessions and unlimited phone contact.
  • Legal Services: Beneficiaries can obtain legal assistance from an experienced attorney.
  • Financial Assistance: unlimited, unscheduled phone access to financial counselors to help with budgeting, and credit and debt management. You can also schedule a 60-minute telephone session for issues requiring more in-depth discussion.
  • Support Services: You can consult work-life experts for help on a variety of issues. Work-life advisors can guide you to resources to help you manage household repairs and chores; find childcare and elder care providers; or organize a move or relocation.

Life Services Toolkit Phone Assistance Line: 1 (800) 378-5742 

Online Portal:  Login: support

Life Insurance Beneficiary Changes 

If you wish to change your life insurance beneficiary, please complete the beneficiary form and email along with a driver’s license to