Deferred Compensation 457 Savings Plan 

The Deferred Compensation/457 plan is offered through ICMA Retirement Corporation (becoming MissionSquare Retirement as of June 2021). A 457 deferred compensation plan allows you to save and invest money for retirement with tax benefits.

 A 457 plan is designed to supplement your retirement income. While a life-time City of Savannah pension payment and/or Social Security may go a long way, you may need additional funds for retirement. Saving to your 457 plans can help you maintain your desired standard of living.

457 Savings Plan

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Mission Square Retirement (ICMA-RC)

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Securely access your account at your convenience, online or on the go. Your account is at your fingertips 24/7 with ICMA-RC’s tech tools and Digital Resources :


Online Enrollment: Enroll Online | ICMA-RC - View and manage your retirement savings account quickly and easily 24/7, with Account Access. Once you’ve signed up, simply log in anytime to stay on top of your retirement savings goals. Plan Number: 301094

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  • Mobile App Access: The ICMA-RC Mobile App! | ICMA-RC  - Manage your account right from the palm of your hand with the free mobile app for an iPhone or Android smartphone, or tablet.
  • Text Access: ICMA-RC TextAccess | ICMA-RC  - Allows you to request certain account information and have it sent directly to your mobile phone via text.
  • Ask Alexa: Account Access: Alexa Skills - The ICMA-RC Account Access Skill for Alexa will allow you to link your Amazon device to your ICMA-RC Retirement Account to quickly hear your account information.


Please contact Mission Square Retirement (ICMA-RC) for a withdrawal request at 1-866-328-4673. If you require any documents to be sign by The City please contact Robert Boyce at (912) 525-3100 Ext. 1982 or by email at