Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

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Save Money on Medical & Dependent Care

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) by Benefit Resource (BRi) is a way to pay healthcare and dependent care expenses you would normally pay out-of-pocket but with a tax savings. Contributions to these accounts are tax-free, saving you money on federal and in most cases, state and local income taxes. Employees who wish to participate must enroll in the FSA every year. FSA elections do not roll over from year to year. If re-enrollment is not completed during the annual open enrollment, November 1st-15th, then there will be $0 contributions for the following year.

Contact Information

Participant Services:800.473.9595 or email at: ParticipantServices@BenefitResouces.com
Benefit Resource Member Portal:participant.briweb.com/login
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Medical FSA

The Medical FSA is used for eligible out-of-pocket expense for healthcare, prescription, dental, and vision expenses.

Dependent Care FSA

The Dependent Care FSA is used for eligible dependent care expenses. These include eligible daycare and summer camps.

  • Eligible expenses for children under age 13
  • Annual contribution limit: $5,000

How Medical & Dependent Care FSA Works 

  • Decide how much to contribute to one or both FSAs for the calendar year.
  • Pre-tax contributions are withheld from paycheck in equal amounts over the calendar year.
  • Use the FSA debit card to pay for healthcare expenses or file a claim online for reimbursement. The FSA debit card provides immediate access to your account contributions.

Plan Carefully!

All eligible expenses must incur during the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. Any money left in the FSA at the end of the grace period (March 15th of the following year) is forfeited, this is called "Use it or Lose it" rule. 

How To Use FSA Funds

  • Debit Card: Use the Beniversal Card for easy payment to the provider. The card gives immediate, electronic access to funds on the medical or dependent care accounts and can be used at stores (pharmacy, big box store, or supermarket) where FSA-eligible items can be identified at checkout.
    • Approved expenses may be automatically deducted from the Beniversal Card at the time of service. 
    • Save receipts to submit to BRi to verify expenses. 
    • Use the Beniversal Card to pay a bill or invoice from an approved provider.
  •  Digital Wallets: Make contactless payments through mobile phone digital wallets: Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Google Pay®. 

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  • Submitting a Claim Reimbursement RequestIf an eligible expense is paid out-of-pocket by an alternate form of payment, submit a claim for reimbursement from the FSA account.  
    • Submit a reimbursement claim
      • Use online claim submission tool
      • Use BRiMobile App for iPhone, iPad or Android device
      • Mail or fax claim forms with appropriate documentation to BRi
      • Receive reimbursement by direct deposit or check

FSA Account Access

Helpful FSA Tips

  • Review Eligibility Before Purchase - Review the list of eligible expenses or contact BRi customer service team. 
  • Keep Your Receipt - Be sure to get an itemized receipt for any service or procedure to submit for reimbursement. 
  • Submit the Proper Documentation - Include the date of the expense incurred not paid, the name of service provider, the description of expense, and the cost of service. Some expenses require a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). Check with BRi for what is required.

Make FSA-Eligible Purchases with Ease

BRi has partnered with FSAstore.com to provide convenient access to FSA eligible items. fsa store

  • Go to FSAstore.com to get started.
  • Use the Beniversal Card at check out for quick access to FSA funds and no receipts to submit.
  • Questions about FSA store? Find FSA Store answers HERE.


How to Submit a Claim

Step-by-step directions for both the website and the mobile app on how to submit claim reimbursement requests.

How to Submit a Receipt for Beniversal Card?

Step-by-step directions for both the website and mobile app on how to submit requested documentation.

How to Setup Direct Deposit for Faster Reimbursement?

Step-by-step directions to setup direct deposit. Mailed reimbursement checks extend the time it takes to receive payment. Direct deposit is a quick and easy way to ensure timely reimbursement and without the worry of a check lost in the mail.  

How to Check Balance? 

There are three (3) different ways to check the balance for FSA plans.

Why Was Card Declined?

There are a few different reasons the FSA card was declined. 

  • Some or all of purchase items are not FSA-eligible (see what is eligible). 
  • The purchase amount exceeded the available balance (log in to check balance).
  • If the plan year has ended or the account has been suspended. 
  • Log in to the FSA account portal to review plan details or any actions that need attention.