Recreation Re-Imagined

Recreation RE-iMAGINED is a new City of Savannah initiative to improve, standardized and re-imagine the City’s recreation and leisure facilities, programs and services.  An important part of this initiative is developing a new 10-year Recreation RE-iMAGINED Plan.  

The City of Savannah manages over 150 recreational amenities with programs that help to improve and enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors to Savannah.  Amenities include both indoor facilities --with multi-purpose, computer and fitness rooms, and outdoor facilities --like playgrounds and ball fields.  City of Savannah programs are seasonal and year-round, with fun activities like summer camps, cheerleading, football, and basketball along with cultural activities like painting, improv, and ceramics.  The City also manages 20 community centers with a wide variety of programs and services.  

The City has a good recreation and leisure program, but in a City with so much to offer, we want our recreation programs to be GREAT

To get there…  We must begin to RE-iMAGINE Recreation beyond what we have today to what  

                            we’d like to see tomorrow!  

To get there…   We must plan for a Future of Excellence NOW!

To get there…    We need your help!   

So, Savannah…  If you could “Re-imagine Recreation”, what would YOU imagine?