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FMLA Now Administered by FMLASource

Effective: October 1, 2022 


On October 1, 2022, FMLASource has been contracted to administer leaves of absence on behalf of City of Savannah.  The leave request you submitted to the Human Resources Department will be passed to FMLASource and will not be interrupted. If your leave is in “pending” status, please fax your completed medical certification form to FMLASource at 877-309-0218. 

What to Do 

Active Continuous Leaves If you have an active continuous leave and any of the following apply, you must contact FMLASource immediately: 

  • You require an extension of your current leave
  •  You do not expect to return to work at all
  •  You will be returning to work earlier than anticipated 
  • Your circumstances have changed in any other respect
 If any of the above apply and you fail to contact FMLASource, you may suffer a loss of leave protection, including your right to be restored to employment. 

Active Intermittent Leaves If you have an active intermittent leave and would like your time to be protected, you must (1) contact FMLASource to report the intermittent leave used, and (2) follow your employer’s standard “call-in” procedure for each absence related to this intermittent leave.  Failure to contact both parties may result in your time off work being unprotected.  

Track your usage with FMLASource by one of the following resources:  

Upcoming Maternity / Paternity Leave  As the date of delivery approaches, FMLASource would like to remind you to provide an update with any changes. If updates to your leave are not communicated to FMLASource in a timely manner, your job protection and/or any benefits that you qualify for may be delayed.   

Please email or call 1-866-883-0876 with the following information after your date of delivery so we can update our records accordingly:  

  • First day out of work? 
  • How long do you plan to be off? 
  • Date of delivery? 
  • Are there any circumstances that have arisen that have changed your need for leave?  (Example: You had an emergency C-section or require bed rest?)
  • Delivery method? 
  • Expected return to work date? 

What You Need to Know 

You may find information and review your leave status through your online leave record. To access it, please visit our website at on or after 10/1/2022 and create a username and password, or download ‘FMLASource Now’, our free mobile app for GooglePlay and Apple iOS application. You must have your employee ID number and your home ZIP (postal) code on file with your employer to register.  

FMLASource looks forward to providing you with excellent service during your leave.

SAV4Health - Don't Delay, Get Started Today!

Login  or call 866.360.7926

Wellness Activities in 4 Simple Steps!

This program encourages employees to complete four wellness activities during the current plan year in order to earn significant savings (estimated $1,000) on their medical premiums for the next plan year. 

Wellness Activities completed in 2022 will be applied to the qualifying employees 2023 medical premiums. Those rewards will be significant for employees who take ownership of their health and wellness by completing the SAV4Heath program.

Earn the Wellness Incentive

To earn the wellness incentive for the next plan year, employees must complete 4  activities:

1.    Complete your Annual Check-Up with a Biometric Screening

2.    Report the results of your Annual Check-Up visit and biometric screening

3.    Complete your Health Questionnaire

4.    Complete a Tobacco Affidavit

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If you have questions regarding the SAV4Health Wellness Activities, contact your Care Coordinators at 1-866-360-7926.