Neighborhood Traffic Plans

The following Neighborhood Traffic Plans are presented for information and review. These plans require approval by a vote of the residents prior to implementation. Placement of design features have been derived after thorough review of physical constraints including road widths, parcel widths, utility access, driveways, parcel flooding, and street flooding. The status of the each plan will vary depending on the neighborhood and what stage of the process they have completed.

Traffic Plans
Abercorn Heights
00 Block East 63rd Street
00 Block East 66th Street
200 Block East 66th Street

100 Block East 65th Street
200-300 Blocks East 65th Street 
Ardsely Park
200-300 Blocks East 52nd Street
400-500 Blocks East 52nd Street 
600-700 Blocks East 52nd Street
Avondale Master Plan 
North Fernwood Drive 
Memorial Hospital - Fairfeild
Lexington Avenue 
Olin Heights
Olin Heights Master Plan 
1200 Block East 52nd Street  
1300 Block East 52nd Street 
1400 Block East 52nd Street
Sylvan TerraceSylvan Terrace Master Plan
Meding Street 
Godsells Street
Twickenham1700 Block Elgin Street
1800-1900 Block Elgin Street
2000-2100 Block Elgin Street
Victory Heights2100-2300 Block East 42nd Street