Firework Display Permit

Savannah River Fireworks

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Please use this link ( Fireworks Exhibition Permit Application  ) to submit your permit.

Savannah Fire permit fees

(H) Pyrotechnics/Flame Effects 

A fee of $400.00 each for Pyrotechnics and/or Flame Effects, before a proximate audience permit (NFPA 1126 & NFPA160), shall be paid to Savannah Fire. Fee includes permit, permit review, and inspection set-up. Hour fire watch and stand-by fees ware in addition and charged 1 hour prior to the shoot time, until 1 hour after the final shot. Applications must be submitted in a timely manner or an after-hours plans review fee will be charged.


Equipment and user rates should be charged at Savannah Fire Department usage rates as below:

Fire Department personnel and classes

• User Fee Rates for Advanced Fire Fighter                                         $27 per person per hour

• User Fee Rates for Fire Engineer/Fire Marshal                                 $35 per person per hour

• User Fee Rates for Captain                                                                   $42 per person per hour

• User Fee Rates for Manager/Battalion/Division                               $50 per person per hour


Fire Department Equipment

• Truck, Fire, Engine                                                                                   $ 144.35 per hour

• Truck, Fire Aerial Platform                                                                     $ 85.90 per hour

• Brush Truck  / Fire Marshal Truck                                                         $ 35.85 per hour

• Fire Vessel                                                                                                 $ 182.63 per hour

*User and/or equipment fees could be waived for District participation in City-sponsored events or Community events when approved by the City Manager and/or City Commission.

Georgia Fireworks Law