The City focuses on installing solar for residential homes and businesses. Georgia House Bill 57 was enacted under law in 2015 as O.C.G.A. § 46-3-63 to promote the use of solar energy. The following steps indicate the framework , preparation and benefits for using solar in households and businesses. 

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The reference link is as follows : Residential Energy Credit Form 5695

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The reference links are as follows : Home Owner’s Guide to Solar Financing | PACENation 

Estimate The Fees Structure

The minimum fees is $45. Standard Permit must be paid in person at 5515 Abercorn Street, GA 31405
  Permit Type Building Electrical Total
Residential Standard Res.   $45 min (or $81/1,000 ft of construction) $45+
Commercial <=25 KW Standard Com.   $45 min (or $81/1,000 ft of construction) $45+


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The additional resources to future understand the solar program is as follows: Solar 101 | Residential Solar Guide | Consumer Protection | Choosing a Solar Contractor | Solar Ready Buildings Planning Guide | Solar Ready Construction Guidelines