Tide to Town

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Developing a system to connect 75% Savannah's neighborhood to safe, affordable and cost-effective walking and biking infrastructure encouraging long term socio-economic development




City of Savannah is working in collaboration with various government and local organizations within the city for effective execution of Tide to Town



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The first phase of Tide to Town, the Truman Trail,  is underway.  Once complete, it will link Lake Mayor Park Trail Loop to the Daffin Park Trail Loop, creating approximately 9 miles of continuous off and on-road bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  In addition, the Truman Trail will connect over 800 acres of park and recreation space, 18 neighborhoods, and two major economic centers, providing needed connectivity for area residents and eco-tourism options for visitors.  Next phases of Tide to Town are anticipated to include the west side of Savannah through the developing Canal District, and on the south side of Savannah along Middleground Road.  For more details please visit the official website of Tide To Town https://tidetotown.org/