Development Standards

Development standards include regulations affecting the size, shape and location of buildings. These include setbacks, density limits and parking requirements. In addition to "base" development standards in effect throughout the city, there are special overlay areas that, among others, outline historic design standards, limit the location of new hotels, or require additional review for demolitions in certain areas. 

  1. Parking
  2. Signs
  3. Overlays
  4. Standards by District

Section 9.3 of the Zoning Ordinance establishes the parking standards. Off-street parking space requirements are outlined in section 9.3.4 of the Ordinance and in table 9.3-1. Note the possible reductions for bicycle and motorcycle/moped parking.

For properties Downtown or in the Victorian or Streetcar Districts, certain reductions or exemptions may apply.  Consult sections 9.3.6 or 9.3.7. There are alternative methods of meeting parking requirements—remote parking, shared parking, in-lieu fees—outlined in section 9.3.8.