Arts on Waters

Arts on Waters is a critical part of the City’s multi-pronged approach to revitalizing Waters Avenue. From new sidewalks, street trees, and pedestrian lighting to investment incentives and improved zoning, the City has undertaken a wide range of corridor revitalization initiatives along this key target corridor. By leveraging proven creative placemaking tools, Arts on Waters aims to build on Savannah’s artistic energy and attract residents of all backgrounds to celebrate the surrounding communities.

The City is currently accepting proposals from artists and/or artist teams, based within Savannah city limits, to commission artworks that will contribute to the creative placemaking project on Waters Ave. Proposals should be representative of the community and inspire, engage, and celebrate the surrounding neighborhood and its residents.

With new artists selected every three months, the curated storefronts activate vacant window displays at the shopping center on Waters Avenue and 36th Street. Each of the five spaces is approximately 100in H x 11ft 5in W. An artist stipend of $750 will be provided by the City