Greater Savannah International Alliance

Upcoming Meetings

Current Members Appointed by the City of Savannah:

  • Edwin M. Hodges, Jr. (Pete)
  • James N. Anderson 
  • Mehmet Ergul
  • Dr. Nalanda Roy, Ph.D.
  • Jose de Arimateia da Cruz
  • James Hall
  • Alfonso Ribot
  • (Mr.) Lynn Pitts
  • Dr. Doris Cope
  • Benn Bongang
  • Mark Linsky
  • Mindy Shea
  • Molly Swagler
  • Denis Blackburne, Ex-Officio

Great Savannah International Alliance Advisory Board:

  • Colleen Cunningham
  • Francis Hayes
  • Jacek Lubeki
  • Erina Tandy

Detailed Membership Information (including contact information and terms)

Approved Minutes