Film and Media Division

The Film and Media Coordinator is Nikki Palucci.  For information about filming in Savannah, please contact Nikki at or (912) 351-3837.

Description of Services

Filming in SavannahOur goal is to have safe, successful, permitted filming in the City of Savannah. Our office does this in several ways:

  • Ensure that all filming has as minimal impact as possible on the residents and businesses;
  • Fulfill requested City of Savannah needs for productions;
  • Enforce all ordinances and permit requirements for filming on public property, including parking, safety, hours of operation, noise, animal regulations;
  • Represent the City of Savannah in Recorder’s Court for film-related ordinance violations.
  • Issue Film & Media Permits for productions in the City of Savannah;
  • Work with Location Managers to troubleshoot location issues;
  • Work with SCAD and student filmmakers to ensure safe and non-invasive filming on public property;
  • Design and facilitate training for location managers, producers and other film industry professionals on City of Savannah guidelines and expectations;
  • Respond to and resolve citizen complaints about film and media projects; and
  • Work closely with the Savannah Area Film Office to promote safe and successful filming.

Applications for film permits can be found at

City of Savannah Permit Fees:

Professional Permit


Any professional production requiring a permit to film.

Blanket Permit


Any Low Impact production that does not need to set up at a specific location.

Rush Fee


*This is a total – not in addition to the $200.00 (Professional Fee) or $100.00 (Blanket Fee).*

Any professional production that requires a permit less than 48 hours from the time the application is received.

Student Fee


Any Student Film associated with a class grade.