Film and Media Division

The Film and Media Coordinator is Matt Krueger.  For information about filming in Savannah, please contact Matt via email or (912) 351-3837. Nicole Bush is the Permit Liaison specializing in Student Films. Please email Nicole if you are a student seeking to film in Savannah.

Description of Services

Filming in SavannahOur goal is to have safe, successful, permitted filming in the City of Savannah. Our office does this in several ways:

  • Ensure that all filming has as minimal impact as possible on the residents and businesses;
  • Fulfill requested City of Savannah needs for productions;
  • Enforce all ordinances and permit requirements for filming on public property, including parking, safety, hours of operation, noise, animal regulations;
  • Represent the City of Savannah in Recorder’s Court for film-related ordinance violations.
  • Issue Film & Media Permits for productions in the City of Savannah;
  • Work with Location Managers to troubleshoot location issues;
  • Work with SCAD and student filmmakers to ensure safe and non-invasive filming on public property;
  • Design and facilitate training for location managers, producers and other film industry professionals on City of Savannah guidelines and expectations;
  • Respond to and resolve citizen complaints about film and media projects; and
  • Work closely with the Savannah Regional Film Commission to promote safe and successful filming.

Applications for film permits can be found at

City of Savannah Permit Fees:


Permit TypeFee
Student Permit - Applicant must be associated with a current class for a grade$25.00/location

Professional Permit$250/ location

Blanket Permit - Crew of ten(10) or less$100.00

Drone Permit$125.00

Expedited permit - In addition to the fees listed above
- Within 72 hours of production$75.00/location
- Within 48 hours of production
- Within 24 hours of production

Cemetery Filming Permit - Must be paid directly to Cemeteries Department

Fee TypeFee
Application Fee - Professional applications, per individual application$25.00

Amendment Fees - Charged per occurrence/location
- Low Impact - Minor Change such as parking$100.00
- Medium Impact - Moderate changes such as equipment or roads$200.00
- High Impact - Major changes such as film dates or traffic control$300.00

On-Site Services Fee - Charged for filming at a City of Savannah owned property when a City member is required to be on site during production
- Per location each day$100.00
- Daily maximum fee regardless of number of locations$300.00

HISTORIC PROPERTIES IMPACT FEE (Charged per permit/location)

City Hall – assessed based on impact
Minimum $500/day

Minimum $500/day

Cluskey Embankment Stores – assessed based on impact
Minimum $600/day

Maximum $1000/day

Savannah Powder Magazine – assessed based on impact
Minimum $500/day

Maximum $800/day


On Street – North of Victory Drive
$2/hour per space


The Production Company must notify impacted properties, as determined by the Director of the Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism Director or his/her Designee, no less than 48 hours prior to the presence of any film-related activity in the permitted area. Failure to do so will result in a fee charged to the Production Company as listed on the Film Permit.

The following fees will be charged to production companies found to be out of compliance:

First Offense Up to $1,500 and suspension of Film Permit

Second Offense Up to $5,000 and suspension of Film Permit