Office of Arena Development


The Office of Arena Development is responsible for leading, directing and administering projects and activities related to the development of a new arena and the surrounding Canal District on Savannah's west side. As one of the largest projects to ever be undertaken by the City of Savannah, the new arena site presents the opportunity to redevelop the Canal District into a vibrant new center of activity in Savannah’s core. 

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Core Responsibilities

Oversee the completion of the City’s new arena and real estate development projects within the Arena Development District from inception to completion.

Develop and execute a comprehensive real estate development strategy for the Arena Development District to maximize the economic potential of City real estate assets, attract private financing, expand the tax base, and share risk and expense.

Manage real estate development activities including site development,  site ownership and control, predevelopment, financing, public-private partnerships, design, construction, planning and community outreach within the Arena Development District.

Interact and communicate with the public, elected officials and other stakeholders, including project architects, engineers and contractors, partners, financiers, and construction managers to successfully complete real estate development projects on time and within established budgets.

Propose and implement, when authorized by City Council, powers and duties pertaining to the following: business improvement district, redevelopment agency, tax allocation district, and/or community improvement district.