Phase II Overview

In 2010 the City Council resolved to devote local funds to move forward to Phase II.  Phase II began with the establishment of Guiding Principles to aid the project team and PAC when considering any transportation alternatives.  The City also decided to pursue state and federal funds for construction.  During this phase, additional opportunities for outreach and project updates were provided by the City of Savannah, in partnership with the GDOT and FHWA to include a project website, traditional public information open house (PIOH) meeting and a public walk-through and field exercise.  As a result of the field exercise, the project team created a video simulation of the Boulevard option.

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Neighborhood Preservation
Preserve the integrity of existing neighborhoods.

Local Land Use Initiatives
Promote implementation of adopted future land use initiatives and promote revitalization of existing commercial properties.

Beautification and Streetscape
Enhance visual appearance and promote a sense of place that is representative of the local Savannah character for to those entering the corridor.

Modal Accommodations
Improve the modal accommodations for alternate travel modes and travel demand management.

Transportation and Safety
Improve current and future transportation operations and travel safety.

Economic Development
Promote a healthy and sustainable business environment where revitalization of existing commercial properties, redevelopment of strategic locations, and continued reinvestment in healthy businesses is encouraged.

Project DeRenne Video Simulation

The portion of Project DeRenne between I-516 and White Bluff Road is known as the Boulevard. This driver’s perspective video simulation allows you to see how it will look upon its completion.

Project Derenne Logo.jpg