Be Green: St. Pat's Recycling

You can't wear green if you don't recycle

The City of Savannah puts in a huge effort to make our St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival the cleanest and greenest.

Our Sanitation crews work long hours doing difficult, messy jobs to keep Savannah looking beautiful. Please give them a hand by utilizing the trash and recycling receptacles located throughout the Parade Route and Festival area. Working together, we can all enjoy a fun, safe and CLEAN St. Patrick’s Day!

Do your part

Look for the black carts with the yellow tops, which will be located along most corners of the Parade Route and in high-traffic squares. These are our single-stream recycling carts. In it, place:

  • Plastic beer cups
  • Bottles and cans
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic plates and utensils

Save all other trash for the garbage carts, which should be located nearby. This includes food, Styrofoam, and aluminum foil. Mixing trash in the recycling cart contaminates the whole load, forcing us to landfill the contents. Help us continue Savannah's proud tradition of welcoming visitors to our beautiful city by doing your part to keep it looking good.