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St. Pat’s spectatorsWe may not have any advice for curing a green beer hangover or how to get your family to agree on the perfect parade-watching spot, but we do have some great tips to help make your St. Pat's experience safe, fun and citation-free:

  • Have a transportation plan before the festivities begin. Parking to serve the number of people who annually participate in the parade and festival does not exist. Please consider using the available shuttle services or carpooling with others.
  • Avoid getting in hot water with law enforcement by using common sense, knowing the rules, and above all else being respectful of yourself, other folks, and our beautiful city. Urinating in public, public indecency, fighting, under-age drinking, disobeying the alcohol consumption or Control Zone rules...these are all too common but completely and easily avoidable offenses. See the table of fines for local ordinance violations located further down the page and imagine all the fun stuff you'd rather spend that money on.
  • Just so we're clear: as your mom probably made clear to you by the age of three, the only proper place to pee is in a potty. The city has installed numerous portable toilets all over the downtown area. Please use them. The highest number of arrests each year involve those who don’t. Download the parade route portapotty map.
  • Follow the City on social media. Road closures, parking and other vital information will be posted on Facebook at and We're also on Twitter: @savstpat and @scmpd.
  • If you become separated from your child, or you find a lost child, contact the nearest law enforcement officer or call 911. Keep a photo with you of your child taken on the day you plan to bring them into a crowded area. Tons of children will be out and about, all of them festooned in green. A photo from that day can be a big help to law enforcement when working to spot your child in the crowd.
  • Leave the pets at home if you're planning to party within the Control Zone. Non-service animals aren't allowed in and you'll be escorted out if you do bring pets into the designated area. SCMPD will have a voluntary check-in service for service animals within the Control Zone. Service animals will be given a tag to display while within the Control Zone. An exception is made for residents of the Control Zone who are walking their dogs-residents of the Control Zone should have photo ID/proof of residency with them at all times. Reptiles are not allowed in the Control Zone.
  • If you’re looking for a place to view the parade, get Downtown early. Viewing spots along the route tend to fill up early. Please keep in mind that provisions must be maintained to get emergency equipment into any area should the need arise. Parade viewers should not step into the roadways until they are closed to vehicular traffic at their designated times. Parade viewers should position themselves behind the barricades.
  • Savannah will be playing host to tens of thousands of visitors and keeping them safe is a priority. Emergency lanes must remain able to be opened even in the most dense parade area. Do not park in these areas or your car will have to be towed.

Fines for Local Ordinance Violations

Ordinance Violation
Fine & Fees Due
One drink on-street limit
Size limited 16 ounces
Drinking from can, bottle or glass
Drinking alcohol in parked motor vehicle
Unlawful for minor to drink/possess alcohol
Disorderly conduct by: urinating in public
Disorderly conduct by: fighting, indecency, etc.
Cash appearance bond for all local ordinance violations=$1000.

Should you receive a citation for violating a city ordinance, it can be handled just like any other ticket. Chatham County residents may be released with a city ordinance summons. If you receive a summons, you can avoid a court appearance by paying the fine in advance at the Recorders Court window at the Chatham County Courthouse, 133 Montgomery Street. You can also pay traffic citations online at

You always have the right to appear in court and plead your case. You will be given a court date when you receive the citation. Should you ignore it, you will be found in Contempt of Court.

Chatham County Detention Center
Anyone charged with a felony or misdemeanor will be processed on scene and transported to the Chatham County Detention Center, 1050 Carl Griffin Drive, off Chatham Parkway. The detention center can be reached at 912-652-7700.

Towed Cars
Police will mobilize the towing companies to remove cars from the parade route at 6 a.m. on Parade Day. All vehicles illegally parked in areas affected by the parade will be towed at owner’s expense. To retrieve your towed vehicle, the vehicle owners must obtain a vehicle release form from Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD) at West Chatham Precinct on Chatham Parkway, 295 Police Memorial Dr. Proof of ownership is required to obtain a vehicle release form from SCMPD.

Before parking, be sure that you are legally parked, and not obstructing any roads or driveways, especially around the squares and areas near the parade route. Understand that this will be Savannah’s most populated day of the year and parking will be at a premium, so be careful where you park. Parking Services and Metro will be ensuring that the roadways are open and unobstructed. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed. Vehicles that obstruct any roadway will be ticketed and towed at the owners’ expense.

Do not move barricades or remove “no parking” bags. Your vehicle will be towed and you will incur both towing and storage fees.

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