Block Party Permits


The Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism issues permits for residents or neighborhoods wishing to host gatherings on their local city streets.




Common Questions

Q: What is considered a Block Party? 

A BLOCK PARTY is an outdoor public party or gathering, held on a closed city street, and put on by the residents of a city block or neighborhood

Q: What streets can I host a block party on? 

Block parties are specific to neighborhoods and residents and as such are only permitted on local residential streets. The City of Savannah does not permit block parties in commercial areas, on primary or secondary arterials, or on highways. Closure requests for events outside of a single-block residential street may be completed online via our special event application.

Q: Can I host a block party on a street I do not live on? 

YES, However, you may only host a block party on a street you do not currently live on IF you are applying as, or on behalf of, the neighborhood association for that area. Otherwise, you must reside on the block you are requesting to close.

Q: Can a block party be more than one block long? 

No. Block parties are restricted to single blocks on local residential streets. Closure requests for multiple blocks may be completed online via our special event application. 

Q: Are signatures required from every residence? 

Yes. Signatures are required from each residence on the block impacted by the closure. The signature must be of a current resident over the age of 18. Our office will not allow for a block closure without all appropriate signatures indicating approval. Our office verifies all signature sheets. Please do not argue with your neighbors or attempt to forge signatures. 

Application Process

  1. Submit the block party application online no less than ten (10) business days before the event
  2. Submit signatures indicating approval from all residences impacted by the street closure on the block party signature form
  3. Submit any application and permit fees to our office
  4. We will notify you once your application is approved
  5. Once approved you may schedule with our office to pick up and return your barricades.

Block Party Permit Fees

  • Permit: $100.00 
  • Traffic Barricades: $50.00 Refundable Deposit for a set of two barricades

All fees shall be paid via cashier’s check or money order to the Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism, made payable to the “City of Savannah”. 

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