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Food Trucks
Savannah City Council passed the Mobile Food Service Unit (food truck) ordinance Food truckon August 18, 2016. The goal of the Food Truck Ordinance is to provide regulations that are fair, ensure that persons vending on private property do not impede on public space, provide a variety of goods, services, and economic opportunities to the community at large, and encourage active street level activity to enhance the urban environment.

Food Truck Meeting Held September 14
A Food Truck Roll-out meeting was held on Wednesday, September 14 at 6 p.m. at the Savannah Civic Center.  The community was invited to attend the meeting to learn about the application process, rules and regulations surrounding the new Food Truck Program.

Mobile Food Service Unit City Approval
Applications for Mobile Food Service Unit Location Approval will be accepted starting Friday, September 16th at City of Savannah Development Services at 5515 Abercorn Street. 

**NOTE: Prior to submitting an application for Location Approval, and prior to signing a lease agreement with a property owner, please submit a Zoning Information Request (ZIR) Form to determine if the property you are considering is in an area that will allow food trucks.  

Mobile Food Service Units (food trucks/push carts) must get approval from the City on an annual basis and pay a $150 fee per year.  

Mobile Food Service Units (MFSUs) must submit this application whether they are interested in public property sites, private property sites, or both.  Each private property location must get a separate approval.  Five private property locations may be included on the initial application to the City.  

A food truck/push cart must also obtain permits for their Base of Operation and their Mobile Food Service Unit from the Georgia Department of Public Health prior to operation.

All businesses operating in the City of Savannah are also required to have a Business Tax Certificate (a.k.a. business license) and must submit a New Business Tax Return Form.  Contact the Revenue Department at (912) 651-6445 for more information.  

For more information about approval and permitting requirements for food trucks, please contact Shane Corbin, City Zoning Administrator, at email or (912) 651-6530 ext. 1848.