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Standard City Water & Sewer Specifications and Details Updated!
The City of Savannah Water & Sewer Planning & Engineering (WSPE) Department, in cooperation with the Water Conveyance & Distribution Department,  has updated the City of Savannah Standard Specifications and Details for water and sewer.  

While some revisions to these documents simply make them current with existing design and construction procedures, some of the content is new.  Thus, WSPE is encouraging interested parties, (Engineers, Utility Contractors, etc.) to review the revised documents and familiarize themselves with the revised procedures.  We also welcome your feedback for future updates, (submit comments in writing to: WSPE Plan & Spec Comment, 702 Stiles Avenue, Savannah GA 31415).

Beginning November 1, 2013, all water and sewer improvements in the City Service Area shall be designed and built according to the revised details and specifications.  This directive does not apply to plan and specification submittals approved or under review by the City prior to this date.

1-28-2014 UPDATE: Specification "Section 02554 - Wastewater Collection System" has been updated to require the use of SDR-18 PVC pipe for sanitary forcemains.

11-25-2015 UPDATE: Specifications for Sanitary Sewer Pumping Station Controls have been revised. Sections 11100, 16482, and 16620 have been updated. Sections 16000 and 16400 have been added. Sections 13401 (Flow Measurement Equipment) and 16912 (Submersible Pump Station Control Panels) have been deleted (content relocated to other sections).  All new sanitary pumping stations shall be designed and constructed accordingly.