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Social Services Contributions
Municipal governments are expected to provide for the well-being of all citizens living within their jurisdiction. In response, some municipal governments extend financial support to social service agencies that provide direct services that benefit citizens.

The City of Savannah has extended such support to social service agencies in the community since the late 1970’s. This assistance has provided services that directly benefit Savannah residents but are outside of the scope of general government services. In 2016, the City is investing $656,150 in 25 local agencies. Because of the services funded, the quality of life for many residents is better.

Each recipient agency is receiving financial assistance based on an agreement with the City of Savannah for a specific service. Progress in meeting performance outcomes for service delivery is assessed on a quarterly basis. Performance results is a major factor in determining payments outlined in each agreement.

For additional information, please contact the Research and Budget Department at 651-6490.