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Dream Maker Home Buyer Assistance Program
The Housing Department offers three Dream Maker programs with different levels of home buying assistance offering affordable loans for downpayment assistance, closing costs, gap financing and other related expenses. The level of assistance varies depending on the location and construction type of the home.

Learn about our 2013 Year-End Specials in Savannah Gardens and City-Wide.

Dream Maker 1
City-wide eligibility
  • Up to $3,000 deferred, repayable upon transfer of title, refinance, or demise.
  • Minimum of $500 home buyer contribution toward home purchase
  • Outside of Target Neighborhoods

Dream Maker 2

CDBG Target Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Revalitization Areas and Succession Neighborhoods are eligible
  • Up to $6,000 deferred, repayable upon transfer of title, refinance, or demise.
  • Minimum of $500 home buyer contribution
  • House location inside of CDBG Target Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Revitalization Areas  and Succession Neighborhoods
  • Succession Neighborhoods: Edgemere/Sackville, Paradise Park/Oakhurst, Largo Woods, Wilshire Estates/Savannah Mall, and Windsor Forest

Dream Maker 3

New construction only
  • Maximum Loan amount: New Construction in Revitalization & CDBG Areas. Home must be pre-approved by the DOH for the DM 3 program prior to Construction beginning.
  • Savannah Gardens (only) - Up to $60,000*; up to $10,000 may be forgiven/granted if homebuyer lives in the house for 15 years.
                      * Up to $60,000 for two-story homes; Up to $40,000 for single-story homes
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Areas - Up to $30,000
  • CDBG & Neighborhood Renaissance Neighborhoods - Up to $20,000
  • DOH Targeted Revitalization Area – Up to $30,000 1-story house and $40,000 2-story house.
  • CDBG Target Neighborhood – Up to $20,000
  • Maximum term: 30 years deferred, payable upon transfer of title, refinance, or demise. 
  • Minimum of $500 Home buyer contribution.
  • Revitalization Areas: Benjamin Van Clark; Cuyler/Brownville; Feiler Park; Ogeecheeton; Savannah Gardens (including portions of East Savannah & Twickenham); West Savannah and Waters Avenue Corridor (One Block East and West of Waters Avenue)

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Program Contact: Catherine Mitchell, (912) 651-6926,