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About the Division
The Logistics Division consolidates the functions of fixed facility and fleet maintenance, equipment, and supply allocation in addition to procurement and research to facilitate efficient and effective utilization of fire department resources.

Facilities Maintenance Coordination
We coordinate closely with station officers and the city’s Facilities Maintenance Department for the repairs and maintenance of the fire department's facilities. The Facilities Maintenance Department and/or private contractors perform most of the work. This includes HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing, electrical systems, overhead doors, appliances, renovations, and pest extermination.

Fleet Coordination
The Logistics Division works with the vehicle maintenance shop, station officers and outside contractors to maintain the fire department’s fleet of vehicles. This includes preventative maintenance, repairs, and refurbishment in addition to annual testing of apparatus pumps and ladders.

Equipment and Supply Allocation
The Logistics Division administers the inventory and supply distribution network to meet the daily and mission critical needs of Thethe fire department including office and janitorial supplies, fire tools and equipment, emergency medical supplies, uniforms, and personal protective equipment.

Research and Procurement
Departmental purchasing programs are centralized through this division for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. The Logistics Division strives for incremental improvement and effectiveness of the department’s logistical resources through a commitment to research and study in the areas of personal protective equipment, new fire apparatus, janitorial supplies, fleet, and facility maintenance.

Fire Marshal
The Fire Marshal's office is responsible for all fire and life safety code enforcement activities through building plans and on-site inspections.

The Arson Unit has all the authority and powers of any other municipal law enforcement agency in the state, including arrest powers. This allows members of the unit to investigate suspected arson cases from the onset of the crime through the arrest, apprehension and prosecution of suspects.