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Investigations Division
 Arson Unit and Professional Standards Unit
In March 2010, the Savannah Fire Emergency Services (SFES) Arson Unit was recognized as a fully functioning law enforcement agency by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST). As such, the unit has all the authority and powers of any other municipal law enforcement agency in the state, including arrest powers. This allows the unit to investigate suspected arson cases from the onset of the crime through arrest, apprehension and prosecution of suspects with limited reliance on other agencies. All SFES investigators are POST certified peace officers, POST certified arson investigators, and Firefighter Standards and Training certified fire investigators.

POST recognition also enables the unit to obtain a NCIC/GCIC terminal, allowing the unit to have immediate access to time-sensitive information beneficial to arson investigations. It also makes the unit eligible for grant monies that otherwise would be unavailable to the Savannah Fire and Emergency Services Bureau.

Professional Standards Unit
With the POST recognition, the bureau was also able to create a Professional Standards Unit (PSU), which established procedures for conducting internal investigations and pre-employment background investigations. The PSU is responsible for coordinating and exercising supervision over complaints and/or allegations of misconduct against SFES or members of the bureau. It is also the primary unit responsible for conducting pre-employment background investigations of all prospective bureau employees.
 Savannah Fire Investigator