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Landbank Authority
About the Authority
The Land Bank Authority's (LBA's) primary focus is to acquire tax-delinquent properties of the City and the county. The authority facilitates the conversion of abandoned and tax-delinquent properties to productive use, producing housing, new industry, jobs, and tax revenue for Chatham County. In some cases even if taxes are current, properties that are a burden to the system due to repeated violations of property maintenance codes (vacant dilapidated buildings and vacant lots with rank vegetation) also merit consideration for acquisition. The Land Bank Authority also has the ability to abatement delinquent taxes.

Also, property is sometimes abandoned because of its size. Some sites are considered too small for development due to limited street frontage and/or depth. Therefore, the LBA has established a Side Yard Program to address such properties. The LBA accepts donations of these small lots releasing owners of the expense and responsibility of maintaining them. The LBA acquires the lots and offers them for sale to adjacent property owners to expand their yards. To find out if you are eligible to participate in the Side Yard Program, please see our property inventory page.

The authority's mission is the conversion of vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties into productive use. Our main objectives are:
  • To acquire tax delinquent, non-revenue generating property and return to a productive use
  • The sale of land and property for the development of affordable housing
  • The abatement of delinquent taxes

In reaching its mission, the LBA encourages investment in tax delinquent property through the Delinquent Tax Abatement Program. The LBA has the ability to abate delinquent taxes governed by the LBA's Net Equity Policy.

More Information
For more information and further assistance with tax delinquency concerns, please contact the LBA directly at (912) 652-3846.