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Permits for Construction
*****NOTICE - New Building, Demo, Sign & Fence Permit Applications *****
Effective March 8, 2017, the City of Savannah has updated the following new applications:

Contact the Permit Services Technician at Development Services at (912)651-6510 ext. 1817 or email with any questions.

*****NOTICE - New Water & Sewer Approval Form *****
The City of Savannah has a new Water & Sewer Approval Form (to replace the Water & Sewer Questionnaire).  New applicants need to have this form completed prior to issuance of the Building Permit.  

: In order to expedite the application review time, as of June 1, 2017, Development Services will not accept Commercial Building Renovation applications without the completed form.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to have this form completed by the Water & Sewer Planning & Engineering Department.  Once they have approved and signed this document, submit this signed document to Development Services.  Contact Water & Sewer Planning & Engineering at (912) 651-6573 for more information. 

*****NOTICE - NEW FEES IN 2017*****
Effective January 1, 2017, some Development Services fees have been increased or added due to the adoption of the 2017 City of Savannah Revenue Ordinance.  Please call Development Services at (912) 651-6510 if you have any questions about the new fees.  Click here for a summary of the typical fees associated with a building or site permit, which reflects the 2017 changes.  For a list of all fees charged by Development Services, click here.

Notice to Homeowners Who Have Sustained Damage during Hurricane Irma and Need Repairs
(Click here for a PDF copy of this notice.)

No permit is needed for minor repairs such as the following:
  • Replacement of damaged siding
  • Repair of downspouts and gutters
  • Replacement of miscellaneous asphalt roof shingles 
  • Replacement  and painting of damaged trim boards
  • Removing water damaged materials from home
For a complete list of residential projects that do not need a permit, click here.
For a complete list of residential projects that do need a permit, click here.

For major repairs and all work not identified above, a building permit is required and the work must be performed by a professional Georgia licensed residential contractor with the exception of mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades work. Work on these types of systems and related equipment must be performed by a professional Georgia licensed electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, and/or conditioned air contractor (mechanical).
  • To determine if a contractor is licensed, visit the Georgia Secretary of State website at , or call Development Services at (912)651-6530.  
  • For more information on how to apply for residential building permits, click here.

Homeowner's Permit:
A homeowner may get a permit to perform construction on his/her own residence if the homeowner:
  • lives in the residence (the owner cannot self-perform for rental properties);
  • has not applied for a permit at another address within two years;
  • accepts inherent responsibilities for the work authorized by the approved permit;
  • agrees to hire properly licensed contractors (licensed in the state of Georgia) for any work that is not performed by the owner;
  • performs work in accordance with all applicable codes and strictly adhere to the inspection schedule; and
  • submits a signed and notarized Homeowner's Affidavit.

If your home is located within a 100-year floodplain, and there is substantial damage to your home, contact the City’s Floodplain Administrator at (912)651-6510 ext. 1895 or email to determine if you must bring your home into compliance with the City’s Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.

If your home is located within the Landmark Historic District, the Victorian District, Mid-City or Cuyler-Brownsville Phase I, please contact the Historic Preservation Office at (912)651-1457 to determine if special requirements apply.

Please be aware of scams and/or fraudulent contractors who may demand payment for services that they have not completed for you. You have the right to negotiate an agreement whereby work either begins after an initial deposit is made or after the work is completed in full. 

If you have any questions regarding storm damage repairs, building permits, inspections, homeowner permits or contractor requirements, visit --> Permits for Construction --> Building Permits, or call (912) 651-6530 for more information.

Notice: Revision to Landscape Warranty Bond ****NEW****
The City of Savannah Park & Tree Department has revised how Landscape Warranty Bonds will be calculated.  Effective November 1, 2016, Landscape Warranty Bonds will be calculated as follows:
      - Projects less than 1 acre will be 30% of the installed landscape cost
      - Projects between 1 and 5 acres will be 50% of the installed landscape cost
      - Projects over five acres will be 70% of the installed landscape cost
      - Minimum warranty shall be $1,500 unless waived by the Administrator
Follow this link for the official public notice from the Park & Tree Department:
      Public Notice: Revision to Landscape Warranty Bond Calculation

Electronic Plan Review for Site Permits
The City of Savannah now accepts electronic submittals for Site Development Permit submittals. This electronic format is optional.  To view a presentation explaining the  process and requirements for electronic plan submittals, click here.  For a one-page summary sheet of Electronic Plan Review Requirements for Site Development Permits, click here.  

Building Plan Review (BPR) Meetings
Building Plan Review (BPR) Meetings are held on Thursdays at 10:00 am at Development Services (5515 Abercorn Street).  We encourage owners, architects, designers, consultants and contractors to bring building projects to a BPR Meeting at any stage in the pre-design or design process.  These are informal meetings with City staff including plan reviewers, trade principals, historic preservation officer, and the fire marshal. Click here for more information or to request to be placed on an agenda.

Site Plan Review (SPR) Meetings
Site Plan Review (SPR) Meetings are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:30 pm at Development Services (5515 Abercorn Street).  We encourage owners, designers and consultants to bring site development projects to an SPR Meeting at any stage in the pre-design or design process.  These are informal meetings with City staff from all site plan reviewing departments (Stormwater, Water & Sewer, Park & Tree, Traffic & Streets, Police, the Fire Marshal's Office and the MPC). Click here for more information or to request to be placed on an agenda.

eTRAC: electronic Tracking, Review & Approval Center
The City of Savannah's permit tracking website, eTRAC: electronic Tracking, Review and Approval Center, is a one stop location to track all development permitting activities within the City, and can be accessed at To access resources to assist you with use of the eTRAC site, please click here to access the eTRAC Resources & Forms page.

The public has access to a vast amount of information in the City’s online permit database through eTRAC.  The eTRAC website allows users with Internet access to conduct searches for permits or plan reviews by either address, permit type, permit number, issue date, or other search fields, and view the status of these permits.  Click here for more information on how the public can access this information and conduct searches.

Registered users of eTRAC are able to log in and see details regarding plan reviews or inspections, apply for certain types of permits online, request inspections if they are the licensed contractor, and pay invoiced fees on-line using most credit cards.  To register, users must click "Register" on the eTRAC site and provide the required information, and either complete an eTRAC Online Account Authorization Form for their company, or be listed on a company's form that has already been completed and approved.

If you have any questions about eTRAC or need assistance navigating the site, please visit our resource page or call Lei Frazier at 912-651-6510 #1393 or send her an email.  If you have any technical difficulties with logging in or with the website, please call Alvin McGrath at 912-651-6510 #1877 or send him an email.

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