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M/WBE Program
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About the Program

The Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program 
provides assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged businesses so
that they may maximize the opportunity to participate in all areas of City of 
Savannah procurement. The M/WBE Program administers a M/WBE
Certification which verifies if a firm is owned and controlled by an person who is a minority or woman. The program also conducts outreach and educational training sessions for MBE and WBE firms who seek to expand their businesses capacity.   

Savannah Area Certified M/WBE Vendors

City bids require the bidder to submit certain documentation with their bid to ensure compliance with this policy.

Vendors may register their businesses to receive notifications of requests for
proposals and other quotes. Those vendors may choose to be classified as
minority or woman owned (if appropriate), and are also filtered by their location and listed as area minority vendors with the City.

In addition, local minority or woman-owned businesses can apply for certification with the City. You may view a list of certified minority or woman-owned vendors (local or MSA). Please note: this list is for information only.

The availability of this list is neither an endorsement or recommendation by the City of Savannah for any firm listed. Use of any firms listed in this database in any manner is at the discretion of the user. The City accepts no liability in any issues or situations that may arise.

Please note – Registered suppliers with active contracts with the City are now able to see those contracts listed when they log into their supplier portal accounts. If you have any questions about the contracts associated with your supplier portal account, please contact the Purchasing Department at (912) 651-6425. If you have any questions about entering sub-contractor payments for these contracts, please contact the MWBE Program at (912) 652-3582.

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Lady Business Owner

2nd Lady Business Owner

For assistance please forward all general information questions to the
M/WBE Program Coordinator at 912-652-3582

Contact Us


Savannah Entrepreneurial Center
801 E. Gwinnett Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 652-3582
Fax: (912) 651-3175

M/WBE Program Coordinator

Andy Adkins
M/WBE Contract Compliance Coordinator