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Summer 500: Businesses
summer500_logo.jpgProgram Objectives
(1) Increase internship, apprenticeship and mentorship opportunities for 500 rising high school seniors in the Greater Savannah area; and (2) Identify visionary business partners who are willing accept participating students and invest in Savannah’s future workforce.   

Recently, our community has seen a damaging upsurge in crime. This concern was highlighted during the recent election and continues to be a primary focus of community leaders.  Furthermore, vocal citizens have demanded that local government expand and promote structured activities which target local youth such as those spotlighted in the Chatham Community Blueprint. 

The Summer 500 will assistance in reducing crime by increasing gainful opportunities for local youth, connecting youth to potential employers, and providing youth with positive role models and structured activities. Through this partnership of local schools, Chatham County, Junior Achievement, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, and SEDA, the Program design will provide students with soft skills training, literacy and numeracy development, financial management as well as provide career-path guidance. Eligibility is open to all ‘drug-free’ rising high school seniors (public, private, and home schooled) with no felonious criminal history. We also encourage interested businesses and students to consider the Savannah Pre-Apprentice Program, which provides job experience, life skills and academic assistance to young people ages 14-17. Learn more at

Schedule and Investment
The Summer 500 begins on May 31, 2016 and runs through July 29, 2016. During the 9-week program, participating students are required to invest at least 32 hours per week, split between direct work experience as needed by their mentoring employer and soft skill seminars, which take place every Friday. Participating employers should expect to investment approximately $2,304 (32 hours per week) per student for direct wages as well as the time necessary to adeptly mentor their intern. Students may be required to work Monday-Thursday as well as on weekends. Fridays are reserved for leadership development, career pathway training and mentoring.

The Summer 500 by the numbers:

  • Total number of jobs needed: 500
  • Length of Program: minimum of 9 weeks; though some employers may choose to employee the student on beyond the summer
  • Program dates: May 31-July 29, 2016
  • Employer investment: approximately $2,304.00 ($8.00/hr x 32/hrs for 9 weeks)
  • Days worked: 25 working hours per week with 7 paid hours of mentor sessions every Friday; schedule is flexible and may include weekends to best suit the business.
  • Transportation: Chatham Area Transit is assisting with bus passes (if requested)

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